Thursday, August 14, 2014

The people vs the NRA armed state

For those who thought social media would bring down the gun-happy government, think again. Twitter took down a site being used by Anonymous.
For the moment Anonymous was back up again with back up Twitter accounts but if Twitter is going to be working for “the man” then it is just a matter of time until they are down again.
The cops were really angry with Anonymous for identifying the killer of Michael Brown, saying the name offered was incorrect. But even if it is wrong isn't that just collateral damage?
The ACLU was trying a more traditional course, trying to get information on the killing of an unarmed black man in St. Louis County through the courts.
That system also has been compromised since 9/11, though it is hard to see what blacks in Missouri have to do with Al-Qaeda.
The lame media mostly seemed to be doing its part for the para-military police. Most major sites were not publishing the name of the man Anonymous said had killed Brown. A story credited to Associated Press and News One, a black news site, said Anonymous had identified the killer as Bryan P. Willman.
President Barack Obama once again appeared off key. He said he was “deeply disturbed” by events in Ferguson and there is “no excuse” for police to use excessive force against demonstrators or for cops to be “arresting journalists for trying to do their jobs," the New York Daily News reported.
Some reporters, including those working for the Washington Post, Huffington Post and Al Jazeera risked their lives. Reporters for both Posts ended up in jail. The Al Jazeera crew had rubber bullets fired t them, and tear gas thrown in their direction.
It was way too early to declare it a victory for police. They are clearly losing the battle to keep marijuana illegal. That drug war has helped justify arming police and training them like special forces.
Money that could be spent on health care, social services, education, bridges, roads etc. is spent on giving these cops the best guns money can buy.
And as the income disparity in the nation grows perhaps people can move into Gaza-style tents and watching their rules on giant football-stadium size screens.


  1. I know the images I say of police armed like the military Wednesday night from the region was a wtf moment. America is on the brink