Sunday, November 2, 2014

Republican attacks on black president electing Hillary Clinton

With the nation’s economy recovering strongly, the Republican party is doing everything it can to destroy the legacy of the first black president.

They may succeed at gaining control of both houses of the U.S. Congress next week, though the failure of pollsters to recognize how things work now may limit the damage.

Cell phones are the hottest commodity in the United States. Machines are set up at supermarkets to buy used ones because so many people cannot afford to buy them at retail prices.

Many cannot get credit from the providers of landline services.

They may well help facilitate the American Spring that should be expected next year.

Just as President Barack Obama hasn’t been able to budge Congress, even when he had a majority, the limit edge Republicans get will only make their followers unhappy when they are unable to deliver.

Once the dust clears, the GOP doesn’t dare take away the hard-won abortion rights of women, voting rights of minorities, same-sex marriage rights of gays or the impending legalization of marijuana.

At the same time, the economic recovery will continue. Voters who elected congressmen and women who did everything they did to slow the growth likely will be questioning their decisions.

President Barack Obama, in his last years, may well step up the attack of the Republican-controlled banks that created the recession. Prosecutions do not need Congressional help.

If the GOP tries to intervene, more than it already has, to protect banks, they will be building support for Clinton as the first woman president. If the will of women is ignored in this mid-term, they can be expected to be even more determined in 2016.

Thousands and thousands of Americans who lost their homes know who was in power. They know money was spent on a phony war in Iraq at the same time taxes for the wealthy were lowered.

Those who sought to bring Obama down will have to ask themselves whether racism was involved.

Just as pollsters are likely to learn that their methods exclude cell phones, at least to a certain extent, the nation is learning, slowly but surely, that computers and software meant to reduce their workload have enslaved them.

Science that is allowing people to live longer, means they will be dealing with illnesses not covered by their medical coverage. Can TV shows and NFL football cover all these shortcomings?
In France, though it was only apocryphal, royalty told the poor to eat cake if they have no bread. In America it will be let me eat Big Macs.

As the bloody French revolutionary Robespierre said: "they (the rich) will conspire until hope is wrested from crime."

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