Saturday, April 18, 2015

2016 becomes cluster duck for GOP

Would they be flagged for 12 men on the field? Is the GOP piling on Hillary? Especially on a short field in New Hampshire.

One potential candidate, Sen. Lindsay Graham of S.C., urged voters to “Look to the 35 people running for president on the Republican side.”

Is even the Republican party having a hard time taking the expected presidential race against the former First Lady seriously.

Sometimes, particularly with Benghazi and insults aimed at President Obama the GOP field sounds like a chorus. There was a strong reaction to the Benghazi replay on Twitter, with many angry tweets.

Jesus H Fucking Christ.. If I have to hear about Benghazi for another year and a half from the dumb ass republicans.. Cancel my cable!

Considering that whatever happened in Benghazi was at least partly a result of the invasion of Iraq by former President George Bush, who also led the country to a recession almost as bad as the Great Depression, it is not a jolt that some find this chorus off key.

To distinguish themselves the candidates are going to have to start attacking each other.

Meanwhile, Democrats will remind voters that the country prospered and eliminated the federal deficit under Clinton’s husband, Bill. Of course he doesn’t deserve all the credit for that, but he cooperated with Republicans to make it possible.

The GOP has blocked Obama at every turn, after bequeathing him a dysfunctional economy and a failed war in Iraq.

Hillary Clinton’s biggest pressure at the moment from her own party is to show where she stands on issues like growing income inequality, immigration, police violence, Iran, same-sex marriage, and legal marijuana. She can duck these issues to a certain degree, but those who might strongly support her may stay home.

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  1. American politics affect the globe. It is disheartening to see the nastiness and infighting that many in power are engaged in. Fiscal responsibility does not mean turning away from fellow citizens.