Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Make America White Again

From coast to coast, but concentrated in the mid-lands and south, the alt-right is growing in power daily.
Although Americans have been hearing for years that the white population is becoming a minority, now people believe and fear it is coming
"It is explained in"The End of White Christian America," by Robert P. Jones.
"Beyond 2016, the descendants of WCA will lack the political power they once had to set the terms of the nation’s debate over values and morals and to determine election outcomes. Looking ahead, Jones forecasts the ways that they might adjust to find their place in the new America—and the consequences for us all if they don’t. “Jones’s analysis is an insightful combination of history, sociology, religious studies, and political science….This book will be of interest to a wide range of readers across the political spectrum,” Library Journal.
A few minutes on Twitter on any given day makes it clear. Even from elected leaders.
"You cannot rebuild your civilization with somebody else's babies, you've got to keep your birth rate up, and that you need to teach your children your values and in doing so you can grow your population you can grow your culture and you can grow your way of life," King said.
Tweet: Alvin Miller • a year ago
“It's not a crisis, until it happens to white people.”
Tweet: Alvin Miller • a year ago
“It's not a crisis, until it happens to white people.”
“According to a UNH study, the number of white people born began to drop and the number of white people dying began to rise in 1999. This trend was drastically intensified during the 2007 global financial crisis, and the natural increase of the white population has dropped by 79 percent. In 1999, four states had a decrease in white population. In 2014, that became seventeen states. The numbers are in and the facts impossible to ignore: America’s white population is proportionally shrinking, and soon it will numerically shrink. The trend is not liable to stop.”
Birth rate among whites is continually dropping – it’s too much trouble. For the poor the growth rate goes up both because they need the help with the family and the birth mortality rate is still growing.
This raises one critical question: do we want people who are going to be overwhelming outnumber us to us hate us also?

The transition process for any country can easily be understood.

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  1. What is white? Albinos are at a definite disadvantage. Such nonsense talking about skin colour as if it really matters. When it comes down to it, we are all out of Africa.