Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Just cross the bridge to get your post

It still isn’t possible to buy the Brooklyn Bridge, but you may be able to settle for Manhattan Silver.
The New York Times reports that Brooklyn’s district attorney is joining dozens of DAs from coast-to-coast who will not prosecute people on charges of possessing small amounts of marijuana.
Those who live nearby in Manhattan may now be able to stop flushing their weed down the toilet, producing a cash crop in nearby rivers.
Officials in New York and elsewhere have become sensitive to the fact that the vast majority of marijuana users who are arrested are black. Such arrests have sent hundreds to already crowded prisons, making the private prison industry a great investment.
Colorado and Washington have already legalized marijuana, as has the entire country of Uruguay.
It is bringing in millions of taxes to Colorado, which allowed recreational marijuana stores to open sooner than the Evergreen state. Both have allowed sales of medicinal marijuana for years.
A wave of marijuana legalization, at least for medicinal marijuana, seems to be sweeping the nation. It is turned up in the most unlikely places, like George and Florida.
Seeing the goldmine in Colorado, Puerto Rico is considering legalizing marijuana and prostitution, High Times reports. Gov. Alejandro Garcia Padilla has promised creditors that he will reduce the island’s deficit of $820 million, High Times reported.
The industry has become so lucrative that drones are now being, but not by cops looking for crops. “Tech savy British criminals use drones to target cannabis farms…,” reported
This weekend tens of thousands of people gathered at downtown festivals in Denver. A third of them came from out of state, according to KMGH TV.
Cops looked the other way as smoke arose from the Civic Center. Only 47 people were dumb enough to smoke right in the face of the law _ and they got tickets.

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