Saturday, April 26, 2014

Putin boldly goes where village idiots thrive

Last week the New York Times apologized for buying into White House claims that Russian Army soldiers who worked in other black ops had been photographed in the Ukraine.
Russia even denied that one of them, Col. Colonel Igor Strelkov, existed.
On Saturday the Kiev Post reported that Strelkov had appeared in public and had named himself commander of the “Donbass People’s Militia.”
No more need for sketches, though Strelkov doesn’t as yet have a Facebook page.
Masha Gessen, author of the Putin biography “The Man Without A Face,” said this is consistent with the Russian president’s bullying tactics. What others would try to cover up, Putin flaunts.
He may be losing the disinformation war. Buzzfeed did an association test with Madonna [Unlink] and Putin came back as "gay."
Denis Pushilin, who calls himself the chairman of the “People’s Republic of Donblast” or is that the “Donblast People’s Republic,” sat next to Strelkov while announcing a reference would be held in the Donetsk oblast on May 11 to see if people wanted to join Russia.
Numerous polls have shown large majorities oppose that, but figures lie, and liars figure. Putin apparently has not read Napoleon's warning: Never interrupt your enemy when it is about to make a big mistake.
Russian Television ranted on, its top story headlined: “Russia questions NATO military buildup near border.”
Apparently Russia is now enforcing a 200-mile limit, or even larger, on both sea and land.
“Our concern is caused by an increase of US air force and the American military personnel in the Baltic, Poland, and also the Alliance's ships in the Black Sea,” said the Defense Ministry.
The irony was not lost on Ukrainian officials, who were faced with a buildup of many thousands of drilling Russian troops on their common border.
Big business, including big oil, was showing where its loyalties lie but holding off on new investments in Russia. Stockholders read the news. Not only is Moscow unpopular, there is a glut of oil and it is becoming what a character in “Casablanca” called on a drag on the market. Investments in alternative energy are hot now.
Bloomberg reported that VTB is considering cutting its New York staff to skeleton levels. It is Moscow’s biggest investment investment bank.
The European Union and US plan to announce more sanctions Monday. The New York Times reported European businesses are colluding with Russia to protect their interests.
Associated Press reported Russian rebels said they were ready to negotiate the release of European monitors, who they said were "NATO spies." The BBC said the Russian representative to the Organization for Cooperation and Security in Europe promised his government would intervene to help the monitors, one of whom was reported as ill. There was no mention of this on major Russian media.
Russian military spending spree

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  1. It's a nasty business all around. Hopefully some peace will come with the scheduled elections -- a faint hope, but one nonetheless.