Sunday, June 29, 2014

Company wants to offer anti-masturbation kit to parents

A large American corporation wants to make sure youngsters don’t make masturbation a hobby.
The Supreme Court is scheduled to decide Monday whether the for-profit Southern Baptist owners of Hobby Lobby can pay health insurance that includes the so-called “Anti-masturbation cross.”
It is sort of a giant chastity belt, and is called a cross because a young boy would lie on it on the floor or ground. His arms would be strapped in to make sure he could not use his hands.
It is the most direct way Stop Masturbation Now has found to block this practice, which can grow hair on hands and make practitioners sexual predators.
Of course the child could watch movies.
Lego users are expected to come up with a model soon.
If the corporation wins its case opponents fear it could open the floodgates. Parents would be able to refuse to give vaccinations required by schools because they violate their religious beliefs.
There would be no more court orders, like there was 10 days ago in New York, allowing schools to send home students without vaccinations when certain diseases were present.
Equally, people opposed to war for religious reasons, at least in theory, could withhold from their federal taxes whatever portion would go to war.
Workers could refuse to show up Sunday if it violated their beliefs. For Jews it would be Saturday.
David Gans of the liberal Constitutional Accountability Center said, "corporations cannot pray, do not express devotion and do not have a religious conscience." Therefore, he argued, "The justices should reject the notion that a corporation is a person that exercises religion."
“If Hobby Lobby were to prevail, the consequences would extend far beyond the issue of contraception,” Walter Dellinger, a former acting United States solicitor general, told the New York Times.
Hobby Lobby argues its religious rights would be violated if it were forced to provide contraception as part of its insurance.
Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts may have suggested a way out. He suggested very small, closely held companies could be exempted from the Obamacare regulations.
On the other hand, the court has already ruled that corporations are effectively persons. Such an argument is often put forward by people and organizations that say the fetus has rights from the moment it is born.
And yes, the masturbation cross was a hoax that quickly was getting views on the World Wide Web.

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