Monday, June 16, 2014

Iraq crisis could be oppportunity for energy-strong U.S. or a reason for impeachment

The US energy position is the best in nearly 50 years amid Middle East chaos
Before Washington Republicans rush to send US troops to die in the Middle East, or cozy up to Iran, they should consider that the nation has become the world's leading fossil fuel producer.
Wait, President Obama is sending 275 marines to Baghdad. Ever heard of mission creep. Keep it coming and the Republicans can focus on impeachment instead of Iraq and war.
The production of oil and gas in April was the highest since the record set in 1970, the Financial Times reports.
Even a few years ago dogma held that US energy production was in an irreversible decline. Fracking, like or not, is the reason.
The increase in US production has helped keep prices down while production elsewhere, with the major exception of Russia, is down.
US production is so high it makes to sense to permit exports, particularly because it will strike a blow against Russia. Exports can be begin at the same time more money is spent on alternative sources than when the time comes the nation won’t be depend on fossil fuels.
Production could peak by 2020, so there is no time to persuade Republicans to accept science and support efforts to limit greenhouse gases. Even if other countries don’t cooperate a reduction in the US will help overall. At the same time, it can make lift healthier in US population centers.
There is a chance for the nation to come together and lead the world again. As entrepreneur Elon Musk [Unlink] says, there is not even time to waste on patent wars when industry needs to work together. He is handing over his Tesla patents, free of charge.
The Wall Street Journal, which should know better, says the US is the only country that can stop the collapse of Iran and region-wide violence in the Middle. Actually, that has already happened.
The Journal thinks that the loss of US blood somehow means we should make the same mistake again.
It’s headline today is” “Only America Can Prevent A Disaster In Iraq.”
Perhaps the Journal has it backwards. It is possible that pulling back sends a message of strength and that those who always criticize America’s alleged imperialist tendencies need to try it on their own.

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