Sunday, July 13, 2014

Google Glass can warn against incoming Gazan rockets

Google Glass can warn against incoming Gazan rockets

Does this mean Israelis really are safe under that Iron Dome. Now when it apparently briefly opens Google Glass has an app that receives rocket warnings.

The Times of Israel says The Rustybrick is offering them.

“The alerts will provide the (predicted) time and location of the attack, giving Israeli Glass users time to head for shelter,” said Barry Schwartz, CEO of RustyBrick Software, author of the app and a pioneer in Jewish and Israel-oriented Google Glass apps. “Be it bomb shelters, safe rooms or covering up on the highway as they drive home from work, this app will allow them to get notifications of those missile attacks so they can seek shelter.”

Shouldn’t android phones offer them?

Is 3D next?

Israelis willing to risk it could wear 3D glasses to watch Israel interceptors blow Arab J-80s from the sky, though remember what they say about things that go up. They must come down.

Will the Gaza rocket warheads be destroyed before their pieces land? Some scientists say that could be as much a matter of luck than science.

Arguments still rage about how effective the far more advance U.S. Patriot missiles were. At least one Iraqi Scud got through during the Persian Gulf War, killing 29 U.S. soldiers.

To bring the current Gaza-Israel War up to date is going to take much more than Google Glass.

Should there be a Stylebook with three editions. In one of the Arabs are land-grabbing terrorists, in the second the Israelis are U.S.-backed land-grabbing Holocaust-descended settlers and the third, terms are neutral.

Here is where the recently used, and widely adopted term, “militants.” comes in handy. War correspondents say it is especially useful when it is impossible to say whether the people killed were really warriors or just happened to be at a jihadi site.

The U.S. Army was so desperate to distance itself from the disaster in Vietnam it has embedded the word “asymmetrical” in the lexicon. Anything to avoid the term “guerrilla war.” That brings back memories of tunnels. Wait. There are tunnels in Gaza.

Even copyright can become an issue. That video that may or may not have been involved in the deaths in the Benghazi U.S. consulate has been taken down by Google. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said an actress who appeared for only a few seconds in “Innocence of Muslims” technically has copyright ownership of it.

How about a new video game where users get points for killing civilians, like in the cult movie “Death Race 2000.” Some present games punish users for killing those not involved in the fighting.

Perhaps Google could create a daily listing of violent deaths that could include gun massacres in the U.S., deaths in places like Gaza, and funerals associated with them.

Lastly, how about T-Shirts. Some whites who fought in the Rhodesian Civil War against black majority rule created one that said: “Rhodesian War Games: 2nd Place.” And then there was “Come to Umtali and Get Bombed.”

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