Monday, July 14, 2014

Obama worst president ever, including future

The pathetic failures of the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama [Unlink], probably will mean he is not only the worst president the country has had, but the worst one it will ever have.
Some would say that is unfair to Hillary Clinton. Only time will tell.
Every day web sites are full of stories about how Obama has failed even blacks.
Instead of stopping shootings in Chicago, Obama wants to spend America’s money on taking care of illegal immigrant children. One TV video showed a US border sign saying: "Now Entering the United States of America, the Country with the Most Candy."
Germans were angry with Obama for spying, though it didn’t stop them from winning the World Cup.
Unable to preserve the great work done in Iraq by former President George Bush, Obama is in danger of handing it over to Al-Qaeda or terrorists even worse.
Instead of having Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl shot in Afghanistan, Obama ordered that he be allowed to rejoin the military. Apparently he was recaptured by the Taliban after wandering off his Texas post, the Onion reported.
Obama also was being criticized by gays and marijuana lovers because he had not made same-sex marriage and weed both legal in every state in the country. Even though he had ordered federal cops to ignore laws legalizing weed in Colorado and Washington, Obama was roundly slammed for not using his influence with Congress to lift all laws making marijuana illegal.
The decision of Obama’s justice department to not support court challenges to state bans on same-sex marriage was considered lame.
Republicans said that Obama was not only a fascist dictator, but also a weakling. The GOP praised a Supreme Court decision saying Obama did not have the constitutional power to act when Congress didn’t.
The NRA criticized Obama for trying to steal guns from people, under the guise of trying to limit massacres at schools, theaters and homes. Court decisions, including in Illinois and Chicago, declaring unconstitutional laws limiting guns, were praised by gun toters.

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