Thursday, September 25, 2014

iPhone 6 off to a wobbly start

Apple’s decision to finally match Samsung and others by producing mobile phones big enough to be easily used was off to a fast start.

Ten million were ordered on the first weekend of sales, Macworld reported. The big phone was off to warp speed, literally.

The problem is that many users, including technical writers, have reported that the phones tend to bend or warp easily.

USA Today reported "Apple spearheaded a sharp drop in technology stocks" because of problems with the iPhon.

An ATT representative told a customer that it is only if a user puts the large iPhone 6 in a pocket. Many iPhone users have been putting the phones in their pockets for years.

The latest fiasco recalls the incident when the design of an earlier phone blocked the antenna because the user’s hand covered it. Covers, called “bumpers” were handed out free to solve the problem.

Could this be a result of Apple’s practice of hiding designs and then rushing phones to markets.

They fell way behind Samsung when it became clear that people were using phones to text and even browse the Internet.

Even now Samsung claims its screen is bigger.

Tony Bradley wrote in Forbes: There are some potential benefits to a larger iPhone aside from the display itself—like more space for a larger battery. 

Even with that in mind, though, I stated in a recent blog post, “I’m still adamantly opposed to Apple simply replacing the existing iPhone with a gargantuan model. I like the current size. It fits in a pocket nicely.”

He said the phablet-size iPhone is not likely to catch the Android or even Windows Phones. It will be a “niche.” Isn’t that what Apples used to be?

Success may have gone to the head of those Cupertino folks. The arrogance of Apple store staff has become legendary. Who hasn’t asked a staffer a question and seen him or her walk over to the nearest machine and type the question into Google.

For some they will still prefer Apple because the much-ballyhooed Android system differs depending on which band you buy. Get an LG phone and a Samsung tablet and you will find differences in the Android system.

Windows is off to a slow start, with few apps to offer, but some of its phones, especially the Nokias, are attractive and developers are rushing to the market to offer the beloved apps.

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