Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vegetable gardens and Internet firewall first line of defense for Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin is counting on the 40 percent of food produced by “dacha gardens” to fend off food sanctions. Yes, Russia claims 40 percent of its food and animals from such gardens.
The U.S. and Britain had similar gardens in World 2, but they were mostly a morale lifter. The two counties relied more on factories churning out more than 650,000 tanks and 242,000 planes. The Russian combined total was 242,000. Russian media are full of reports of how these gardens will make Western sanctions useless. For those who might question this logic, there will be nowhere to turn. Putin already has a stranglehold on the media, and plans to shut down the Internet. Putin is going to be under more pressure to shut down all media after a report was leaked to a Russian news outlet of the massacre of 80 soldiers sent into the Ukraine with no idea where they were headed. A BBC TV crew was brutally attacked in Russian for investigating a New York Times report of the deaths of hundreds of soldiers in this maskivora operation. Except for three nationally televised funerals so socalled volunteers, the dead Russians are buried before dawn so no can see them. Lev Shlosberg, a regional lawmaker who was beaten and hospitalized last month after he began documenting the deaths of soldiers who were based in Pskov, said no one is to know. Putin appears to be believe that spreading thousands and thousands of people on social media sites and socalled Web news sites to spread lies covers him. The pathetic record of U.S. President George W. Bush gave him a head start. Putin’s strategy didn’t work for Hitler and Goebbels. Putin has expanded his boasts, claiming he can take five capital cities in five days. Yet, his forces remain at a standstill in the Ukraine. Maximum use of force does not allow “lttle green men” in unmarked uniforms. Lines of tanks are easily spotted. NATO is ready, and though it was good bet they would have stood still six months ago, who knows what will happen now. The new axis of evil is Russia, North Korea and the ISIS caliphate.

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