Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Interview got bad reviews but is hilarious

It was worth the wait. Actually it was available a day early thanks to deals Sony made with YouTube, Google Play and Xbox.

The real inside joke may not be that Sony and the U.S. were involved in the original hacking, but that Russia was.

James Franco and Seth Rogen, who directed, have a very obvious kind of humor but it works.

When the North Koreans realize Kim Jung-Un, played by Randall Park, has been betrayed by a third-rate TV show anchor, Dave Skylark, they ask: “How many times can America make the same mistakes.” The answer, of course, is: “As many times as it takes.”

Rogen and Franco have collaborated on several movies, including “Pineapple Express” and “This is the End.” They have done comedies individually like “Superbad” and the serious “127 Hours.”

North Korea showed its lack of understanding of the West by trying to stop the release of the Sony film with hacking and threats. Nothing gets a show more publicity.

The assassination itself has already been widely seen on the Internet and by Hollywood standards probably wouldn’t even meet the new rules Russian President Vladimir Putin wants to impose on movie makers. Putin has invited Kim to visit Russia next year.

Kim’s head is pretty much blurred out by fire when it explodes as he tries to launch a missile to take out the West Coast of the U.S.

Ironically, Rogen, Franco, and a Korean translator, Sook, played by Diana Bang, kill Kim with a cannon fired from a tank Stalin donated to the regime during the Cold War.

Among the more outrageous scenes are Eminem admitting to be gay in a phony interview on the show hosted by Franco/Skylark.

The film is full of silly lines, but they work. Bill Mahrer is heard to say he thinks Skylark believes he is interviewing the singer of Gangnam Style.

Many have seen the trailer showing Rogen, who plays Skylark’s producer, being surrounded by a Tiger. Or, as was said in Apocalypse now, “…a fucking tiger.”

I won’t spoil it by saying what happens to the tiger, but hiding the deadly toxin in a small module flown into North Korea when the original is found by security guards is done in using a standard  drug mule way.

There are the usual number of breast shots and bad, almost racist, Asian accents. But, hey, it’s a movie.

The world loves making fun of America.

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