Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Russian babes urged to replace lipstick with beetroot

That Russian hooker may be using beetroot for lipstick. In few places have Western sanctions on Russian have had more effect than on women as a commodity in Vladimir Putin’s gulag.

Russian brides have been popular for years, even during the Cold War. Now they are staples for Web sites like the resurrected Pirate Bay.But the plunge of ruble has forced hookers to raise prices. 
Their beloved Paris cosmetics are too expensive, if not blocked by Putin’s embargoes.Putin urges his people to find substitutes for products from the decadent West. 
A Russia senator has an idea."Well, if you really want to color you lips — why not beets? They're natural, no chemicals will wind up in your body," Igor Chernyshev, the deputy chairman of the Federation Council's Social Policy Committee, told regional news portal last week."And our women will look more beautiful in lingerie from a Moscow factory than in French [underwear]," the lawmaker added. 
Of course the goal is no underwear at all.But if they wear clothes at all, French is the choice.“Russian women value very highly cosmetics made in France. The worship of French cosmetics among Russian women is passed from one generation to the next. Even representatives of the middle class who can't allow themselves to enjoy very many luxuries will occasionally buy at least a lipstick or an eye-shadow, mascara or powder of one of the luxury brands such as Dior or Givenchy, etc.”
Japan has some success but hasn’t caught up with Paris. That is partly because European companies have very strict standards on undergarments.
Plastic surgery hasn’t caught in as in the U.S. Perhaps the doctors aren’t as qualified.
French and other European comestiques remain the most popular.One thing is for certain. Russian women dress to the nines, especially if they are any where near foreign men. 
"Almost without exception, Moscow women are immaculate — hair styled, make-up flawless, nails preened. No matter what the occasion, it is worth getting dressed up for. 
How many Russian women have you seen out of their high heels? This has long been acknowledged; as early as 1976 The Beatles were singing the praises of Russian women “Moscow girls make me sing and shout…”The Beach Boys, on the other hand, focused on the natural, unadorned beauty of California girls.

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