Saturday, January 31, 2015

Decapitations show media loses its head

The BBC, the Guardian, New York Times and most other lemmings led or had at the top of their Web sites the latest decapitation. Viewer discretion not advised.

The Islamic terrorists have figured out how the media works, Media Sans Frontieres.

Just when you think that there are something things or ideas that won’t be tolerated reality slaps you in the face. Perhaps decapitations could be the next, well, probably not the next, but one day, a reality show.

Remember when in the film “Network” anchor Howard Beale his bosses decide to only to way to raise ratings is to have him shot dead live on the stage during a newscast.

The British show has topped it. A royal princess is kidnapped. The prime minister must fuck a pig or she will be executed.

As authorities try to plot the rescue and escape of the princess a TV newswoman “selfies” her tits to get tips. She founds out a SWAT team has been sent to the possible abduction location.

As she is headed there, and the government fails in its attempt to pose a porn actor for the pig job, audiences are turning their displays on. It could have been a regular beer commercial.

Kind of makes you think back to the old movies, when the British Army threatened to put a Muslim guerrilla inside a pig’s skin.

Well, the pig trick does not work, and the prime minister has to fuck the pig, which means his wife will never touch him again.

Bars throughout the world are full of people watching, deflating any notions, to use the word in a different sense than the Super Bowl, that people give a shit about anything, no matter how gross.

What’s next? Emmies and Oscars for executions. No problem. Oklahoma, Texas and some other states can set it up.

As a veteran reporter who witnessed death in many different situations, this makes me believe that those who say money is the only denominator are correct.

The only answer, and it is unlikely there is one, is for people to turn their displays off and refuse to buy products from advertisers who promote these zombies.

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