Sunday, January 25, 2015

Putin to become national Russian checkers champion

At this rate, after he and his government told his people to eat less and expect fewer jobs and more inflation, President Vladimir Putin is on the way to become national Podavvka champion.
His invasion of the Ukraine won him an entry to the tournament.
Keep in mind that Putin also told people that eating less will make them healthier.
Podavvka. It is a form of Russian checkers. “The winner is the first player to have no legal move: that is, all of whose pieces are lost or blocked,” reports Wiki. Otherwise the rules are the same as for standard checkers.
And Putin is facing more sanctions for his bloody bombing of Mariupol this week.
The Kviv Post reported Ukrainian forces have been hiding devastating loses. e the day’s casualties – one killed and 20 wounded. A medic said no one should believe casualty figures reported by Kviv. “There are many, many more. At least 280 were injured in just one day last week and 30 or 40 killed. There were many more killed this week, Debaltseve and Konstantinovka are the worst cities now. I take 18 wounded to Kharkiv myself every day.”
A year ago, when sanctions imposed the majority of mainstream media warned that sanctions would not work. Some are still saying that.
Now Russian banks are broke, the ruble almost worthless and there is little money for the new international world news operation to tell Russia’s side.
The Telegraph explains that Russians do not understand how such things work. A Russian peasant is angry with his only horse for being so slow so he kills him. That could be compared to Putin imposing sanctions on the West.
The Telegraph also claims negotiations, best between Germany and Russia are the only answer. But wait the last time such negotiations were held Poland got invaded from both sides.
Now, according to Moscow, the West is rewriting history, but when Putin declined to attend the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops he opened Pandora’s box.
The Ukrainian government Putin seeks to oust announced that the snub was unimportant because the majority of troops who freed the Holocaust victims still alive at Auschwitz were Ukrainian.
When Putin angrily responded that the Soviet army was made up of soldiers from all its republics Warsaw stood its ground.
Ukrainians made up the majority of those who freed Auschwitz -- the Ukrainian Front," Valeriy Chaliy, deputy head of Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko’s administration, told a January 23 press briefing.
Warsaw says one million Ukrainians were killed fighting the Nazis, second only to the Russian republic of the Soviet Union’s 15.
Since Ukraine split with Russia the Putin government has tried to make much of the Ukrainians being collaborators. In fact, some welcomed the Nazis, only a few years after Stalin’s policies had led to the starvation deaths of millions of Ukrainians. But they quickly realized the Nazis were not their friends and went underground to fight them or joined the Red Army.

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