Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Is Trump taking the GOP to the cleaners?

Selecting Donald Trump as the way to stop the Hillary Clinton juggernaut seems as sensible as picking Shorty Guzman as Mexican transport minister because he organized the building of a mile-long tunnel to escape prison.
Unless it were in a Key and Peele skit, it makes no sense to choose someone who supports everything that Republican party has shown to be off the grid.
On top of that, as if he were on a wall about to fall off, the hotelier has chosen to insult the growing Hispanic voting population.
Perhaps he should leave it to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to attack those he doesn’t agree with.
Yet Trump continues to float to the top of Republican presidential polls.
The New York Times reports: “Republicans who are worried about Mr. Trump’s ascent argue that it is still early in the race and that his poll numbers are driven by his name recognition.” How much longer this line of thought can continue to hold more water than a board is questionable.
Should Trump win a primary he might have built a castle that will be hard to bring down.
Times notes that the surging poll numbers come with unfavorability ratings hitting 61 percent. Will that make it possible for party bosses to veto him.
It appears unlikely that Hispanics can stop him in early primaries, no matter how angry they are.
Former Mexican President Vincente Fox says Trump is an idiot.
"He's acted like an idiot. ... I don't know how he's made so much money. He doesn't deserve it," he said.
The bottom line is that Trump trails Hillary Clinton 51 to 34 percent.
Trump’s message, that he wants to take the country back, may resonate with Americans who believe the rich control the country.
"The real problem isn't that the Republicans have such a hate-spewing character running for president," Democratic presidential outsider Martin O'Malley said. "The problem is that it's so hard to tell him apart from the other candidates."
Speaking at a conference of the National Council of La Raza, Democrats were ready to hand Trump the nomination.

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