Friday, July 24, 2015

Caveat lector: NRA proposes arming movie theaters

After the latest shootings in a movie theater, the NRA wants to set up an armed patrol system like the TSA.
Patrollers would have access to heavy weapons, including .50 caliber machine guns and Barretts.
The NRA said nuns and clergymen should be armed.
Three people
 died Thursday in Louisiana, including the gunman, in one of the most heavily states in nation and a place where the Confederate flag drives people to action at any cost. They were watching the comedy “Trainwreck.”In the Denver area a jury is considering the death penalty James Holmes for killing 12 people and woundeing 50 more during a showing of Darknight Rising.
Four Marine and a sailor were killed two weeks in Chattanooga.
Metal detectors would be set up at all entrances, and only people with concealed carry permits would be able to bring in weapons. They would have to keep them concealed, to avoid disturbing unarmed movie goers.
A kiosk carrying ammunition and body armor would be open, with charges only be collected after the attack was quelched.
There was one report that the pro-gun organization, which has resisted controls on even automatic weapons, said movies themselves should be banned. The Borowitz report suggested background checks before people are admitted in theaters.
It was not clear whether this ban would include viewing movies at home, or playing video games in which guns were a key element. The Columbine killers psyched themselves up for the massacre watching videos in the basement, even filming themselves planning it.
The Onion has predicted that after a great sound and fury, nothing will happen. There is too much money involved in for government manufacturers.
While it can be argued that vigalanties, meaning not security guards or cops, have not stopped a massacre the NRA says is because only 270 million of 318 Americans are armed.

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  1. It takes the will of the people to change this. It has been a long time developing. The mythos surrounding the American Revolution glorifies guns and bombs over peaceful negotiations. It won't be simple or easy, but it can be done. So many lives wasted.