Monday, August 24, 2015

Hillary shows good judgment in avoiding government email

Following the example of former Secretary of State Colin Powell, Hillary Clinton also avoided leak-riddled government email.
News readers report at least weekly, sometimes daily, on how government emails are routinely hacked.
But when Hillary Clinton chooses to avoid the risks, the media forgets news it has just reported.
On Monday, Canadian police said the death of at least two people identified when a cheating Web site was hacked probably resulted from their exposure.
The whole affair is a canard. Any email Clinton sent, or received, was seen by the recipient-receiver.
The idea that her private server was wiped after she left office is standard procedure. Forensic experts could probably put such messages back together faster than a thousand Iranians piecing together shredded documents.
Former Democrat Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico, who also served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and energy secretary, defended Clinton, who he has often quarreled with. “I would have said, 'You know what? I don't want an official classified email system. I want to have my own private server. Because of WikiLeaks, because of hacking, because of leaks.”
Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, said, "Secretary Clinton's use of personal e-mail was consistent with the practice of other Secretaries of State and was permissible under State Department policy in place during her tenure.”
A media intent on making sure it has something to talk about is pushing the email story, even trying to promote Vice President Joe Biden as an opponent.
Why not mention that Jeb Bush and Scott Walker used private emails for government business.
The government's obsolete email system wouldn't work with mobile devices when Clinton was secretary of state. It is hilarious that rightwing nuts suddenly think the government is effective.

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