Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Media displays bias on Trump

Polls are the Holy Grail of political journalism, especially TV news. It was hilarious watching the mainstream media try to avoid talking about how Donald Trump’s poll numbers were rising.
For my overture let me be clear, like Otter in Animal House when he defended the Deltas and said the issue was not whether they broke a few rules, if the question is whether I abhor Trump, the answer is yes. Always have.
Loved the New Yorker belly-flop cover.
Lest anyone think there really was a battle going on between Trump and Fox, the New York Times said: “If this sounds like a war between Mr. Trump and Fox News, it is an unconventional one. It is not mutually assured destruction; it is mutually beneficial combat.”
After Trump threatened to cut off Fox, meaning no more interviews, the network began kissing his ass.
Quickly he was welcome on a network whose star he had insulted. Fired and hired within a week.
Key and Peele would have been hard put to come up with a better skit, though they came close with the one about how warriors had to avoid doing certain things when they decapitate enemies.
It is only possible to guess why such a blowhard is increasingly popular in polls. Could it be because the same media trashing him now helped make him a star?
Could it be because people do not trust a media that let former President George W. Bush steal an election, destroy an economy and became cheerleaders for a war launched on false pretenses. Under this theory any criticism of Trump makes the major less silent.
One statement from him that may have really hit home was when he said he didn’t have time for political correctness.
While the nation needs to move on and accept gay marriage, abortion and even legal marijuana, it is going too far to accept them to do so with just a shrug.
Trump gave his reason: "I won the life has been a debate but I have never been in a debate." He said he enjoyed the give-and-take.

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