Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Climate change: Fire and rain

Issac Cordal sculpture on politicians debating global warming
The Weather Channel admitted the wildfires, and now rain, that are plaguing the West are odd. Few in the mainstream media mentioned climate change.
Donald Trump would probably call it politically incorrect, if he had a teleprompter and read things he had thought about or his staff had thought about.
Critics say there has always been climate change, and global warming has occurred before. Does that mean it should be ignored, even if it makes humans disappear like dinosaurs?
This year a thousand homes have been burned in wildfires in California, Oregon and Washington, made more difficult to fight because of the driest weather in hundreds of years.
On Monday, heavy rain led to flooding on the Utah-Arizona border that claimed an undeterrmined number of lives on both sides of the states' border. Some media say 12 were dead and one missing.

Hildale Flood
Hildale Mayor Phillip Barlow said told the Salt Lake City Tribune the flood is "wakeup call for the community, that this is real.
Los Angeles picked up an inch of rain in 24 hours.
Meanwhile, the snowpack was at the lowest level in 500 years in California.
Heavy rains following wildfires frequently lead to mudslides.
The New York Times reported President Obama’s top climate change negotiator would meet with his Chinese counterpart Tuesday in Los Angeles. Industrial development has been linked to greenhouse gases.
Republicans remain skeptical of climate change and trying to block any deal, the Times reports.
In some Bible Belt states, dominated by Evangelical Christians, even the concept of evolution is considered unproven, Associated Press reported. AP said Alabama has decided to begin teaching about evolution and climate change. The state’s textbooks have said evolution is a “controversial theory.”
"Cooperation on climate change is not only critical to the future of our planet, but a major milestone in the U.S.-China relationship," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Monday, according to the Chinese news agency Xinhua.

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