Sunday, September 13, 2015

"Ignorati" report on Hillary's email

The cat is out of the bag in the Hillary Clinton email affair, though the information was never hidden.
Computer users with even a minimal knowledge of how they work know that deleting files does not remove them from devices.
All that Clinton’s staff ever said was that the emails had been deleted. Now the company that was keeping them has confirmed that the hard drive was never erased or purged.
"All the information we have is that the server wasn't wiped," spokesman Andy Boian told the Washington Post.
That probably means the emails can be retrieved. In fact, even when hard drives have been erased computer forensic experts are often able to restore much or even all of the data.
Asking Clinton, who obviously knows very little about such mundane matters, was a non-started. And many journalists are knowledgeable enough about computers from their own experience to know this search needed to go elsewhere.
Less than a minute’s search Google and other sites would make clear this was not a simple matter.
Even watching TV shows and movies should have made it clear data is almost never totally safe, even if its owners want it that way.
These same talking heads trashed President Obama's health care web site, saying the government couldn't handle something so complicated. Frequent hacks of confidential government web sites have been reported.
The Washington Post is reporting that the company had maintained the server Clinton used says it was never erased before it was handed over to the FBI.
According to the “ignorati” on Twitter and elsewhere, it is already known that the Chinese and Russians must have hacked into this server.
Perhaps it even led to Benghazi, or even Pearl Harbor.
Of course, the question is what was in the emails. The FBI and department of state have made clear no crimes were committed.
Now it should just be matter of time until the whole world can read thousands of them. Of course the second-party in such exchange, there always is more than one person, often several or more, already will have seen them.

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