Tuesday, October 6, 2015

There are no gun-free zones

Yes, there were guns at the Roseburg, Ore., college when the killer struck.
One student vowed the killer wouldn’t get through his classroom door. But he didn’t go out to confront him.
In many states, perhaps most, including Colorado, where memories of Columbine linger, courts have ruled that people with a permit to carry a concealed weapon may not be barred from the campus of the University of Colorado or Colorado State University.
Another reason there are no gun-free zones is that killers disregard them, whether they are schools, movie theaters or churches.
The Crime Prevention Research Center estimates that nearly 12 million Americans carry concealed weapons. This does not include retired law officers.
It is estimated that there is at least one gun for every one of America’s 320 million people. It is hard to be sure because the NRA has used every trick in the book to keep information about how many guns there are secret.
The No. 1 lie of the NRA is that a good man with a good man will stop a bad man with a gun. Why hasn’t it happened in a single massacre, except when armed police or security guards intervened?
Yet the NRA and others continue to claim that simply having more armed vigilantes will lower the death tolls.
This year Illinois signed a bill making it the 50th state to permit the carrying of concealed weapons.
California is considering trying to keep guns away from schools but previous attempts have been knocked down by courts.
Bill sponsor Sen. Lois Wolk, D-Davis, said, “Most people I hear from are astonished that someone could legally carry a concealed firearm onto school grounds.”
UPDATE: Within two weeks there were at least two more shootings at colleges, both in states that permit conceal carry weapons at colleges. 

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