Sunday, November 1, 2015

Gun killings stretch thin media weekend staffs

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At least two weekend shootings stretched thin the staffs of media outlets.
A witness told the Colorado Springs Gazette the first incident, which claimed three lives and resulted in police killing the shooter, looked like “it was a Halloween prank."
Witness Teresa Willingham said she and her 7-year-old son saw the shooter murder a bicyclist.
The Gazette said witnesses said the bicyclist begged unsuccessfully for his life.
The shooter, later identified as 33-year-old Noah Harpham, was seen walking into and out of a house with a rifle, pistol and a gasoline can before the shooting spree began. He had started a fire.
He then shot two women, reportedly on their front porch the killings apparently were random.
A news release Monday from Colorado Springs police said: "The El Paso County Coroner’s Office completed the autopsies on the three victims from Saturday’s incident.  The first victim is identified as 35 year old Andrew Alan Myers of Colorado Springs.  Mr. Myers’ cause of death was from a gunshot wound and his manner of death has been ruled a homicide. Mr. Myers is the male who was on a bicycle in the 200 block of North Prospect Street. 
The two victims who were located in the 500 block of East Platte Avenue have been identified as 42 year old Jennifer Michelle Vasquez and 34 year old Christina Rose Baccus-Gallela.  Both of these victims are from Colorado Springs.  The cause of death for both of these victims is from a gunshot wound.  The manner of death has been ruled a homicide."
It was later revealed that Myers had survived three Army tours of Iraq.
 The Gazette, which had earlier identified Harmpham, also reported he had written rambling blogs about religion and his family, as well as fighting addiction.
Westword of Denver said there may have been a connection to a Satanic cult.
Meantime, CBS and others reported police had identified a man who killed one person and wounded a second at Winston-Salem State University in North Carolina. The man, Jarrett Jerome Moore, was arrested Monday on separate charges.
Despite the fact that more than 12 million Americans have permits to carry concealed weapons once again no one intervened in the latest shootings.

Colorado Springs is a center for evangelical Christians and home to thousands of Army and Air Force servicemen and servicewoman has one of the highest rates of gun ownership. But despite the fact that the shooter was attacking people at a busy intersection near downtown around 9 a.m. he was only stopped when police arrived and killed him in a shootout.
It is often argued by the NRA and gun rights’ proponents that shooters are drawn to so-called gun free zones, such as schools.
Nine people were shot dead at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., earlier this month
without any intervention although there were a number of students present carrying concealed weapons. One student said he heard the shooting but feared that if he tried to intervene police might mistake him for the gunman, who killed himself when police arrived.
A headline on the Daily Tar Heel of March 18 said a new law allowing the carrying of permitted concealed weapons on North Carolina campuses would curb assaults.
Although politicians like Donald Trump have argued that arming the population would stop massacres the facts show otherwise.
There are several reasons no vigilante has stopped a massacre, and in one case such an individual was shot dead because he did not realize he was contending with two attackers.
There have been reports that armed civilians have shot killers as they were fleeing.
Some off-duty police officers or other trained individuals have successfully intervened.
In most massacres the attackers plan their assaults so that by the time police have arrived they will have killed many people. They also sometimes have carried automatic weapons, and in general have more powerful weapons than someone with a concealed carry permit could possess.

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  1. Lord have mercy. It's only a matter of time until any of our families will be directly affected.