Saturday, January 30, 2016

Trump is a bore

Nothing kills someone faster on the American stage than being a bore. Not accusations of sexual assault.
Predictability is a close second.
Sometimes performers can work around being ugly, but if a bore is ugly he is on double secret probation.
Donald Trump’s lines are guaranteed to make him boring.
Insults figure in also. With only a day to go Trump told Iowans they were stupid if they wasted his time by not declaring him the winner.
Just as journalists have tools to drift from objectivity, such as saying “it raises questions…” Who is raising them?
With Trump he doesn’t say a bitch is ugly and stupid. He says other people are saying it. Not him.
Americans, regardless of faith, are taught not spread gossip or lies.
Trump missed Thumper. “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say nothing.”
In Trump land it works like this. “Other people say she is a bitch. I like her, Oh, and she was born near the USA.”
Also predictable, which is being noticed across the nation, is that networks always find a way to declare #Trump the winner.
Even if the Republican main debate got several times more viewers, and CNN cut away from Trump’s #narcicissist love-affair with his mirror.
Still the media said Trump won. Won what?
Many believe Richard Nixon’s ugliness cost him the presidency.
Hillary Clinton is not a starlet. But she actually looks like an ordinary American.
Trump is closer to Frankenstein.
Gene Wilder could play the part.
There is on area where America is stronger than in the past. Comedy.
With content providers from Netflix to Amazon to Comedy Central where does a man with a bargain-version wig belong.
Back in the box. Even Barbie has spruced herself up.
A study the BBC reported on says people would rather get painful shocks than be bored.

It brings a Winston Churchill comment, completely out of context and not quoted exactly. A woman tells him he is drunk. He says I am. But when I wake up I will sober. You will still be ugly.
Trump, who had captured the American imagination, turns out to be nothing more than the Wizard of Oz. Americans had to discover this on their own; the networks were the voice of the wizard.
Soon Trump will fall off his wall, and all the workers in China won’t be able to put him back together again. It is not like building a wall.
Lego turned down the job.

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