Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa rejects Trump loudmouth boorishness

The first time the media-enabled New Yorker carnival barker faced a test he lost.
And Donald Trump lost to a man, Sen. Ted Cruz, who is pretty much universally hated in Congress.
Trump barely trumped Sen. Marco Rubio.
For month after month the mainstream media told us Trump was unbeatable.
The media line now is that Trump lost because the evangelical vote went to Cruz.
Another alternative is that the people of cow-country Iowa, with a century of caucuses, knew bullshit when they saw it. Pundits did not consider that a higher than expected turnout was the reason Trump lost -- people despise h
That does not fit the media’s narrative because it means Trump bamboozled them. Giving him hundreds of hours of free coverage. Google would have made him pay for a YouTube channel.
Our next best reads will be what Trump has to say on Twitter.
He is far to well-known in New Hampshire to use his lies and insults to win anything,
As soon as they are done letting Trump defend himself, don’t be surprised if the media thinks twice before handing the microphone to him.
The fact that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are drawing so much support shows that the Democrats are more than ready for a fight.
The mainstream media, in reporting choreographed by the Oscars, fell over themselves trying to declare that the first time a woman had gotten 50 percent in Iowa was a victory for the all-white Sanders' bandwagon.
During the brief periods they hadn't handed Trump the stage, pundits noted the demography of the country had changed. Whites, and they are not all Trump lovers, no longer dominate. Latinos and blacks won't be voting for Republicans. Either Hillary or Sanders will create an American government that is on the same page with its people. Yes, same sex marriage, legal abortion, health care, legalized marijuana, diplomacy instead of carpet-bombing.

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