Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump Risking Violent Attacks

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump ignited violent opposition that could be compared to numerous uprisings in the past, including the Prague and April springs.
But Trump doesn’t have a strong army to send in to shut down opposition.
There are hundreds of millions of guns in the country and millions suffering from mental illness, both partly a result of the Republican Party’s support for the NRA.
Also, the social media now available for organizing disruptions are vastly superior to what brought down several Arab governments.
Of course people who try to break up Trump rallies are organizing, and it is very easy to do it these days.
They can study other uprisings and learn techniques.
Attack one rally at the start, attack the next one near the end. Stay away from one. Or just shout outside. Don’t give away your plans. Mislead. Fly false flags.
Trump himself is at threat of an attack. There has already been on case when a man nearly got next to him. He was easily within distance of shooting Trump except he did not have a gun, and it is not clear he wanted to hurt the candidate.
There also are millions of soldiers trained as marksmen.
Dare Trump go to a theater?
Is Bernie Sanders inciting his people. It doesn’t matter. They do not need to be pushed. They have been dumping on Hillary Clinton since the campaign began.
Just as Trump can say he cannot stop his supporters from attacking his opponents, Sanders can say he can’t stop people from venting their frustration.
This election is becoming increasingly like the 1968 race. The assassination of Robert Kennedy led to the election of Richard Nixon and the quagmire of the Vietnam War.
People dissatisfied with Democratic nominee Hubert Humphrey stayed home. They did not want the lesser of two evils.
Some say Trump is hoping for a repeat of the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago.

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