Saturday, April 23, 2016

Biggest Surprise of Presidential Campaign

The leading candidate in the Democratic party, a strong candidate to be the first female president of the United States, is reportedly considering choosing a woman as her vice president.
So we’d get two in the White House at once.
Even more surprising, Hillary Clinton’s list includes a woman who many had wished had run against her, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. What better candidate to deal with the kind of bankruptcies, Donald Trump.
Warren specialized in bankruptcies as a law professor at Harvard. Trump has a lot of explaining to do about how he could manage multiple bankruptcies while families who lost everything in the 2008 recession couldn’t afford the lawyers’ fees charged for them.

The web was full of stories considering the possibilities, not only of Warren as a candidate, but that Clinton might choose another woman.
Several were on lists published by sites as powerful as the New York Times.
 “Regardless of how things shake out in the weeks to come, having two women on a single ticket would be an electrifying, historical occurrence.” Vanity Fair said.
Sen. John McCain's choice to make Sarah Palin his VP pales with this.
It is not too soon for Clinton to start finding a running mate. Next week she is likely to add hundreds of thousands of votes to her popular vote lead over Bernie Sanders.
Sanders strategy of focusing on caucuses got him much publicity on the national tv. But by early April he was behind Clinton by 2.5 million votes, according to a review by Pulitizer-winning site Politico.
Since then added nearly 300,000 votes in the New York primary and will win three or four of the primaries in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Rhode Island. She leads by double digits in the biggest, Pennsylvania.
She is being called the presumptive nominee, and no matter how many paths pundits can find for Sanders to stay in competition not even Hawkeye in the Last of the Mohicans could do it.
 Perhaps most ironic is that the nation has been hearing non stop that Citizens for United, the Supreme Court case that removed all rules of corporate political spelling, Sanders is still going. All on small donations from private citizens, he claims.

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