Monday, April 25, 2016

Say Goodbye to Bernie

   Hillary Clinton may win all five primaries Tuesday, four of them are closed. Only Democrats can vote.
   Sen. Bernie Sanders hasn’t won one primary in which only Democrats can vote.
  As many as 2 million people could vote in Pennsylvania, the most populous state. Clinton beat President Obama in 2008.
   In 2012, when Obama had no real competition only 600,000 voted.
Primaries also are being held in Maryland, Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island. Clinton leads in polls in most.
   Clinton already has nearly a 3 million lead in the popular vote. Sanders declined to withdraw.
   Media outlets are undecided whether Sanders wants to use his popularity to influence the party’s platform, or whether he will fight all the way to the competition.
   Doing both will be difficult. His supporters are making it even harder with snide remarks, bringing up former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky. Many pundits think that will backfire.
  It also is hypocritical for Sanders to complain that closed primaries are preventing him from winning. On one of his websites he said closed primaries are needed to prevent “political sabotage.” Why should Republicans or Democrats be allowed to disrupt the vote of the other party?
   As for Millennials being wedded to Sanders, Politico reports Clinton has a 36-point advantage when asked to choose between her and Trump.
   Former Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin, who thrashed Sanders in the gubernatorial race 30 years ago told USA Today her former competitor will endorse Clinton.

   Clinton reportedly is already looking for a vice president, and created a buzz during the weekend when she said it could be another woman.

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