Sunday, May 22, 2016

A Message to Sanders’ Supporters

Having worked for Bobby Kennedy’s campaign, including being in California when he was assassinated, grief clouded my mission.
I was at the funeral and wakes in Washington dominated by his campaign staff.
I overheard them talking about how they probably were going to offer their services to Hubert Humphrey.
So a 21-year-old was angry telling his former bosses that there was no way he could work for anyone associated with President Lyndon Johnson and the Vietnam War.
I didn’t vote. I doubt I was alone. Richard Nixon became president.
It is hard to describe how evil Nixon was, and how much harm he caused. But he didn’t get us in a nuclear war or destroy our economy.
Who knows what Donald Trump would do. On Thursday morning, shortly after an Egyptair Airbus disappeared off radar between Paris and Cairo, Trump tweeted that it was an act of terrorism.
No wreckage had been found. No terrorist group claimed responsibility. There wasn’t even cheering on a radio station operated by terrorists.
Trump tweeted Thursday morning, according to CNN: "Looks like yet another terrorist attack. Airplane departed from Paris. When will we get tough, smart and vigilant? Great hate and sickness!"
Incidents have occurred throughout the history of the U.S. that could have led to war but careful presidents have avoided spilling more American blood.
President Lyndon Johnson used a phony incident off the coast of Vietnam, the Gulf of Tonkin incident, to send more than 50,000 soldiers to their deaths in a war we lost. There is no indication that it was necessary and cannot be shown to have contributed to our victory in the Cold War.
It may have been a domino, but it was not on the same board.
Perhaps even scarier, in regard to the possibility of a Trump presidency, is his friendship with President Vladimir Putin even as Russians have buzzed dangerously close to U.S. Navy ships and air force jets.
Trump admires a man whose nation was caught cheating in the Olympics and has stolen land from the Ukraine.

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