Sunday, May 15, 2016

Hillary Leads Popular Vote by Millions

While the media focuses almost exclusively on how many delegates the presidential candidates have won, little attention is paid to the big lead in popular votes by Hillary Clinton.
Rachal Maddow of MSNBC even boasts that Trump has gotten more votes than any previous Republican presidential nominee, bout 11,312,000. Yet Hillary Clinton has gotten 1.2 million more votes than Trump in Democratic primaries pundits claimed were lightly attended.
Of the roughly 33 million votes cast Clinton has 3.2 million more votes than Bernie Sanders.
Clinton has 12,519,006 votes.
Yet Sanders has enlisted the media to make the fight over controversial “super delegates” that give Clinton an edge she already holds by winning the popular vote.
Does the Democratic party want to do to Clinton what the Supreme Court did to Al Gore in 2000, when he won the popular vote but the presidency was handed to George W. Bush because of the arcane electoral college vote?
Gore only led by 500,000. Clinton’s lead is six times that over Sanders.
The count in this story does not include a few thousand votes collected in small caucus states. Some states with larger caucus turnouts were included.
What is going on now – trying to stop the Democratic nomination from Clinton – could be reprised in the national election.
The Gore fiasco was not a unique event.
“…in four of the nation's 56 presidential elections, the current system has permitted candidates to win a majority of the Electoral College (and hence, the presidency) without winning the most popular votes nationwide. That's one in 14 times.”
As it stands now, the U.S. government’s election practices are in conflict with Supreme Court rulings that say are vote should guarantee one-person, one-vote.
Allowing a cabal of rural states, or even urban states, to decide who should become president on any other basis than one-person, one vote violates our principles as they have evolved. When the U.S. first become a country a complicated system, the electoral college, was set up because no one knew if the average person could be trusted to elect the government.


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