Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hillary’s Private Emails Nothing Compared to Trump’s Organized Crime History

Want to know who killed Jimmy Hoffa? Ask Donald Trump. He claims he knows.
A new book, just out in the past month, gives the details of how Trump build his empire. “The Making of Donald Trump,” by Pulitzer David Cay Johnston.
But much of this information has been out there for decades. Deals Trump cut to get concrete when crooked union bosses had started strikes that denied the building material to other contractors.
“The breadth of Trump’s controversies is truly yuge, ranging from allegations of mafia ties to unscrupulous business dealings, and from racial discrimination to alleged marital rape. The stretch over more than four decades, from the mid-1970s to the present day.
“To catalogue the full sweep of allegations would require thousands of words and lump together the trivial with the truly scandalous. Including business deals that have simply failed, without any hint of impropriety, would require thousands more,” writes Atlantic.
He has settled thousands of lawsuits, despite claiming he never lost. His buddy was the late Roy Cohn, who had been Sen. Joe McCarthy’s consigliere when the Red Scare was on.
Before he died of AIDS, Cohn had been disbarred.
“Decades later, Mr. Cohn’s influence on Mr. Trump is unmistakable. Mr. Trump’s wrecking ball of a presidential bid — the gleeful smearing of his opponents, the embracing of bluster as brand — has been a Roy Cohn number on a grand scale. Mr. Trump’s response to the Orlando massacre, with his ominous warnings of a terrorist attack that could wipe out the country and his conspiratorial suggestions of a Muslim fifth column in the United States, seemed to have been ripped straight out of the Cohn playbook.
“I hear Roy in the things he says quite clearly,” said Peter Fraser, who as Mr. Cohn’s lover for the last two years of his life spent a great deal of time with Mr. Trump. “That bravado, and if you say it aggressively and loudly enough, it’s the truth — that’s the way Roy used to operate to a degree, and Donald was certainly his apprentice,” the New York Times reports
Compare that to what Hillary did with her emails, according to her predecessor, and two before them.
“What I did when I entered the State Department, I found an antiquated system that had to be modernized and modernized quickly.
“So we put in place new systems, bought 44,000 computers and put a new Internet capable computer on every single desk in every embassy, every office in the State Department. And then I connected it with software.
“But in order to change the culture, to change the brainware, as I call it, I started using it in order to get everybody to use it, so we could be a 21st century institution and not a 19th century,” Powell told PoliticusUSA.
Government and private industry were caught with their pants down when the Internet explosion occurred. Millions of works found themselves using equipment that was slow and often crashed. The best equipment bar far was from private companies like Apple, but Microsoft, not even graphic, had captured the market and held it for years.

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