Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trump Supporters Approve of Insulting Gold Star Mothers

Donald Trump, who had five deferments during the Vietnam War, is getting support from his redneck fans. One deferment was for bone spurts he claimed to have suffered but was still playing on college steams.
There are no records. At least Dick Cheney go this deferments because he had kids. Trump was running around town using his dad’s money to get laid.
Many of the nation's greatest pro athletes fought in wars, some in two wars.
Trump supporters were shown on TV attacking a Gold Star Mother, who had lost her son in a war. She was defending the parents of a Medal of Honor winner who died in Iraq.
Would these people attack Audie Murphy.
All this might seem to mean that Trump has gotten away with it again far from.
His numbers are dropping in the polls.
The Republican Party convention was the first in history to get a negative rating, minus 15, in history, according to Rachel Maddow.
Trump had been moving up in the polls and was near 50 on the 538 web site. This morning Hillary Clinton, who Trump calls a devil, had 66 percent support. In the separate 538 category that amounts to a forecast, Clinton had 69 percent.
“Hillary Clinton has picked up significant ground on Donald Trump when it comes to a variety of personal and policy-related issues, particularly foreign policy, according to the results of a CNN/ORC poll released Tuesday that was conducted in the days after the Democratic National Convention.
“Nearly six in 10 registered voters—59 percent—said Clinton is better prepared to handle foreign policy issues, while 36 percent said the same of Trump. In the last CNN/ORC survey conducted after the Republican National Convention, Clinton held a narrower five-point lead of 50 percent to 45 percent on the issue. Results from the survey released Monday showed Clinton with a lead of 52 percent to 43 percent when matched head to head against the Republican nominee,” Politico reported.
CNN/ORC International survey conducted Friday-Sunday, shows Clinton leading Trump by 9 points, 52 percent to 43 percent. That’s a massive shift from just a week prior, when CNN/ORC gave Trump a 3-point lead, 48 percent to 45 percent. Clinton’s 7-point bounce over that time was larger than Trump’s 6-point surge from a poll conducted shortly before the GOP convention in Cleveland.
Trump was being denounced by Republican leaders and for the first a member of Congress said he would vote for Hillary, Richard Hanna of New York.  "While I disagree with her on many issues, I will vote for Mrs. Clinton," Hanna wrote. "I will be hopeful and resolute in my belief that being a good American who loves his country is far more important than parties or winning and losing."
A top Jeb Bush official a day earlier said she would vote for Hillary.
The Washington Post had a section with six stories on lies and other misdeeds by Trump.
Washington Post
In his strongest denunciation of Donald J. Trump so far,President Obama on Tuesday said Mr. Trump was “unfit to serve as president” and urged the leaders of the Republican Party to withdraw their backing for his candidacy.

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