Friday, April 21, 2017

Trump Turns Elite Media Into Fox

Both the New York Times and Washington Post, arguably the best media in the U.S., have handed control to Donald Trump.
Here is today’s New York Times lead headline:
Here is today’s Washington Post lead headline:
“Trump predicts Paris attack will help Le Pen in French vote.”
Rather than turn to other media let’s see what some readers had to say.
David Hillman
 Port Townsend, WA 4 hours ago
I wish the NYT would understand its part in the rise of fascism. A newspaper of this magnitude must realize that it is not independent of events. It influences events. In particular, a headline such as this, "Trump predicts," based on a tweet, amplifies his power, and hence the power of fascism. And fascism thrives on power. It also thrives on fear, the fear of people who are afraid of fascism. If I am not careful, I will let a headline such as this increase my fear. Let us not be afraid.
A comment in the Post:
“Donald can not even predict when his navy is going to be in North Korea. He knows as much about French politics as he does about being President.”
On Twitter:
“Brave people of France, don’t give in to fear, don’t listen to our President. Trump is a terrorist.
This is from the writer, a veteram foreign correspondent. Just as Putin is doing, Trump is trying to take control of other countries.
The French candidate Trump supports doesn’t believe the French people had any role in the holocaust.
His nonsense is unlikely to fool the French as it has Americans.

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  1. It will take a concerted effort en masse to stop this nonsense. Thank you for leading the charge here at Robertwellercyberflaneur.