Sunday, May 7, 2017

French Crush Putin-Trump Fascist Hack Campaign

Despite a massive hack with four minutes to go in the French elections, Emmanuel Macron won with two-thirds of the vote.
Marine Le Pen, the candidate supported by Putin and Trump, barely got one-third of the vote.
“Jack Posobiec, a sympathizer of the American extreme right, accustomed to spreading false information, was one of the first very follow-up accounts to relay the pirated documents on Twitter,” Le Monde reported.
It said
“… Posobiec, the man who gave all their visibility to the documents emanating from the pirates of the messaging of members of the campaign of Emmanuel Macron, is not an unknown. In Washington, he works for the militant site The Rebel, resolutely in favor of Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen , who regularly takes false information,” Le Monde said.
The Washington Post reported: “France on Sunday shrugged off the siren call of right-wing populism that enchanted voters in the United States and United Kingdom, rejecting anti-E.U. firebrand Marine Le Pen and choosing as its next president Emmanuel Macron, a centrist political neophyte who has pledged to revive both his struggling country and the flailing continent.”
The Post added: “The outcome will come as a major relief to Europe’s political establishment…”
The Trump-Putin duo had appeared unbeatable, partly because of their effective use of cyberhacking. Critics say they stole the U.S. presidential election and persuaded British voters to leave the EU.

Their agents were active in several other European nations, but it became tougher after investigators pointed out their work.

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