Saturday, June 24, 2017

Greatest Political Crime of the Century

The perpetrator was Vladimir Putin of Russia and the big winner was Donald Trump, now the president of the U.S. Russia, at least in the mind of Putin, also benefited.
As usual Trump showed he didn’t understand what the Washington Post story, and others meant when it was reported Russia had sabotaged the campaign of Hillary Clinton.
In a tweet, Trump admitted the Russians meddled but said it was former President Obama’s fault for not stopping it.
“Just out: The Obama Administration knew far in advance of November 8th about election meddling by Russia. Did nothing about it. WHY?”
The real why is why hasn’t Trump resigned now that he has admitted he and Putin stole our elections?
“It came several hours after the publication of a Washington Post report detailing the Obama administration's fight to punish Russia for its alleged election interference.
That report stated that the CIA informed Obama of Russia's hacking efforts last August, and that his administration chose to respond by approving a package of sanctions against the country in late December. Obama also authorized the planting of cyber weapons in Russia's infrastructure in a previously undisclosed measure that was still in its planning stages when he left office, according to the report,” the Los Angeles Times reported.
Clinton tweeted a report shortly after the elections claiming the Russians had succeeded in alterting votes, and that they had targeted the swing states they need. The report said it was odd that each of these states was won by 1 percent. Clinton had big leads in all of them in pre-election polls.
Most of the media is ignoring what happened. It wasn’t Clinton’s campaign that failed. It was theft by the Russians. The main anti-Clinton campaign attack was on her sloppy use of emails. This was reportedly based on a false email slipped to U.S. law enforcement by Putin.
Even as evidence grows, the media keeps insisting no votes were altered. That treats this like a basketball game. “No harm, no foul.”
Bloomberg confirmed voting machines hacked in 39 states.
Here is a blog from Maine that says quite frankly what happened.
The only positive angle here is that Putin’s economy is in a death spiral, partly because of sanctions and U.S. oil shale sales.

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