Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wake Up America, Revolution May Be Ahead

Perhaps  the worst thing officials and pundits can say, thinking they are blowing it off, is that the shooter in Washington, D.C. was mentally ill.
One of the fathers of psychiatry, Carl Jung, back before mobile phones and the Internet, estimated one in ten people were psychotic.
Thursday’s attack was a 66-year-old man, a home inspector and construction worker, traveled 700 miles from Illinois to Washington.
He is being called a hero on some Facebook pages. He had been a strong opponent of President Trump.
The most important single national issue of late is health care. Was he angry that health care is likely to be denied to the poor, disabled and mentally ill.
This is an issue that is heating up.
And where that was the reason for James T. Hodgkinson to attack a field of baseball players made up of Republicans and their staffs may never be known,
Under the laws he would have just gone on security. Was he afraid President Trump might cut that off. He may have had pensions also.
Whether than argue on whether this is the start of more violence we should consider something that is quite likely.
Events like this, I remember Columbine very well, lead to copycats.
Efforts to repeal Obamacare may leave millions dying, with no health care.
Millions of Americans are armed. If one is dying because he or she cannot get decent health care what might they do?
Of course they should simply use their political rights but what if they will be dead before anything can be done.

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