Wednesday, March 7, 2012

GOP/s March Madness Leading To Sanatorium?

Beware the Ides of March
Robert Weller

Apple News

So-called Libyan Leader Vows To Use Force To Keep East From Separating

Letter from Brazil

AUSSIE Government Buys Software Flaws Before They Are Sold On Black Market
Sydney Morning Herald

With Bruising Battle GOP Primary Contest Continues Ad Infinitum
New York Times

West Agrees To Iran's Request To Renew Nuclear Talks
Al Jazeera

New ICRC Syria Update
International Committee For The Red Cross

Stem Cells Can Repair Corneas
Science Daily

Luggage No Doubt Was Free But She Was Jailed For Ten Hours For Painting Her Nails On Southwest
Mail Online

British Grieve For More Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan
BBC Report

Lego Space Shuttle

Emotions Of Tweets Being Gauged
LA Times

Obama Administration To Provide Non-Military Aid To Syrian Rebels

Crazy Alert (stolen from Russian TV)

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