Wednesday, March 14, 2012

As He Enters Prison Disgraced Illinois Governor Plays Media One More Time

                  New Yorker

Cyberflaneur has suspended operation

Report Spells Out How Republican Prosecutors Framed The Late GOP Sen. Ted Stevens Of Alaska
Los Angeles Times

Disgraced Illinois Governor Can Still Play The Media Like A Well-Tuned Cello
Chicago Timeout

U.S. Soldier Accused Of Killing 16 Afghans Flown Out Of Country
Al Jazeera

Taliban And Afghan Reaction To Shootings
LA Times

Russia Supports NATO In Afghanistan

24 Belgian Students Still Hospitalized After Swiss Bus Crash

Asssads Still Living Large Despite War In Syria

San Jose Cleaning Up Hoarding Site Visible In Space

Researchers Send Message Via Neutrinos

Romney In France
France 24

U.S. Court Of Appeals Rejects Delay On Report On The Framing Of Ted Stevens
Anchorage Daily News

Three Bad Sisters Rereleased
From The Id

Where Did The Sun Come From
Scientific American

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