Monday, March 12, 2012

A Great Discovery in the Italian Art World

Hidden da Vinci Found In Italy
Corriere del Serra

Amish Buggy Drivers Caught After Crash And Slow-Speed Chase
Buffalo News

U.N. And U.S. Demand End To Violence In Syria
Al Jazeera

Pacific Gas Electric To Pay $70 Million For San Bruno Blast That Killed 8
Los Angles Times

                                       Victim Jessica Morales

Pacific Island Kiribati Thinking Of Moving

Dream Of Sustainability In El Paso
Border Explorer

War Correspondent Marie Colvin To Be Buried Today
Long Island Press

Afghan Shootings Cloud Exit Strategy

Taliban Vows Revenge For Murder Of Civilians by GI
Washington Post

60 Percent Of Americans Oppose Afghan War But It Is Ignored By Politicians

Promoters Launch Lawsuits Against Sports Bars

Syria Regime Kills Dozens Of Civilians In Two Cities

U.S. Petroleum Products Exceeded Imports Last Year

Egypt To Consider Cutting Off U.S. Aid

Israel Exaggerating Iran Nuclear Threat


Mid-Atlantic Cities Can Expect Early Spring Due To The Warmth They Create

Fired New York Times CEO Gets $24 Million Despite Shatting Incomes

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