Monday, June 15, 2015

Colorado ruling could speed way to legal medical marijuana

A Colorado Supreme Court ruling instantly hailed as effectively banning workers from using medical marijuana may result in just the opposite.
The effectively upheld state laws based on federal laws that allow employers to fire workers who tests indicated they had been treated with medical marijuana, even at home.
The problem is that there have been a multiplicity of U.S. Supreme Court and other rulings mostly supporting but sometimes ruling out drug testing for jobs like pilots, teachers, doctors and pharmacists. It might make sense to stop cartoon charact Lucy van Pelt from selling Charlie Brown any five cent lemonade. Of course when she was running a psychiatric stand it was a far more dangerous effort.
The DISH network employee the state supreme court allowed the entertainment network to fire no doubt was in a position of trust. Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic who used weed to treat muscle plasticity. He failed a urine test.
He was no “Nurse Jackie” like on Showtime.
Paul Armentano, deputy director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, said: "A [url= t=_blank]study[/url] published last year reported employees who tested positive do not possess an elevated work place risk compared to employees who test negative."Ther
Johnny Green in the Weed Blog said: “So a quadriplegic employee who is a valid medical marijuana patient in a state that also has legalized recreational marijuana can be fired from his job, even though he was a great employee by all accounts. How is that fair? As many people have pointed out on social media, there is no one getting fired under similar circumstances when alcohol is the substance being used off the clock. As more and more states legalize recreational and medical marijuana, this is an issue that every marijuana consumer needs to be aware of. Just because medical and/or recreational marijuana is legal at the state level does not protect you from being fired at your job, no matter what the circumstances are. I’d like to see people boycott the Dish Network due to this obviously ridiculous, un-compassionate policy. Employees should be judged based off of their skills and work ethic, not based off of the content of their urine or saliva.”
Some would say it makes as much sense as Texas making as difficult as possible for women to have abortions by making clinics be capable of doing brain surgery.
Imagine if you had gotten some narcotic pain pills for an injury. Could you be sure there would be no sign of its presence in tests?
Of course over-kill is always there. Texas wants women to only have an abortion in a clinic equipped to do brain surgery though it is often an out-patient procedure.

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