Saturday, June 13, 2015

Has war on U.S. cops begun #dallaspdshooting

At first glance it sounds like breaking news from Iraq. Or was it a horrow movie. Militants using an armored car and backed with explosives attack a police station. Was it a reaction to racist attacks on blacks, or anger at police enforcing income disparities.
“It raises the hair on the back of your neck pretty quickly just thinking of what could of happened with his intent and how we literally dodged bullets,” Dallas Police Chief David Brown said.
Liberty News said: "The radical special interest groups trying to start a war with law enforcement in America may be applauding this morning. What they seem to want to see happen is now reportedly happening."
Some sites said the attack vehicle had been sold on eBay as a "zombie apocalypse" vehicle.
But the location is not Area 51 but Dallas, in what is arguably the most heavily armed state in the nation, Texas.
The incident was likely to end in the death of the attacker or attackers. Posse Comitatus Act laws put some limits on cops using military force, but they have plenty of drones and sophisticated spying gear readily available.
The Dallas Morning News reported at mid-morning that a sniper had killed at least one attacker, a white man, some identified as James Boulware, whose age was reported to range from 33 to 50. published a police it identified as the killer.

Neo-Nazis on Twitter said the guy was genetically white but really transracial. Can transracials jump?
There were conflicting reports. Some said two of the attackers' bombs had self-detonated. A robot was searching for other explosives.
At first glance it sounds like a story from the Middle East or a Third World Country. Militants using an armored car and backed with explosives attack a police station.
But the location is Dallas, in what is arguably the most heavily armed state in the nation, Texas. These days U.S. cities have turned their police stations into concrete fortresses. In some cases people are discouraged from entering stations.
Twitter was a buzz saw of comments from the city as well as around the world. Tweets were arriving too fast for anyone but a cyborg to read.
As of Saturday morning, TV weekend skeletal news crews were being tested as a standoff continued in Dallas. Fox was having a field day.
Fortunately there were no deaths reported in the overnight event.
Meanwhile, law enforcement were still unable to find two convicted murderers who had escaped from a New York prison with the help of a prison worker.
NBC said as many as four people were involved in the Dallas attack. That could not be confirmed immediately.
One caller reporter told police one of his kids had been seized and he was accused of being a terrorist.
Conflicts between police and some communities have been rising dramatically after the contested killings of unarmed suspects. Unlike the late 1960s, though, the resistance to police violence was more broadly based than just small black groups like the Black Panthers.
President Obama intervened to slow the delivery of surplus military equipment to police stations.
Some communities have handed back Humvees and armored vehicles.
Critics say the gear isn’t needed. In the South African movie “Chappie” even Johannesburg police say they do not need to be able to shoot down planes.
The Dallas Morning News identified one shooter.
“James Boulware, 50, who has a history of family violence and blames authorities for his losing custody of his son, Dallas police Chief David Brown said.
“Boulware's mother, Jeannine Boulware, declined to comment Saturday morning when she was reached at her Dallas home by phone.
"I don't want to talk to the media. I want to talk to my son. I want my grandson to talk to his father. Do not call this number again," she said.

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