Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Syrian internment camps needed in U.S.

Time after time ISIS has surprised us. Sometimes, a la Hitler’s “Mein Kamp,” they have warned us what they are going to do.
Now they say they are infiltrating followers into the millions of refugees fleeing Syria and Iraq.
We will have blood on our own hands if we do not respond to these threats.
America is going to admit many Syrian refugees. It is our tradition.
But they should go in the same kind of internment camps we used in World War II. They must be well-treated, and taught English and our history. Call them refugee camps as they do in Europe.
Receiving thousands of non-English speakers is not like meeting a few hundred or even thousand foreign exchange students at the airport.
In addition, when they leave the camps they must be watched. Installing ankle bracelets would be a star.
We need to listen in their mosques.
And we need to return to widespread spying on all our communications.
It is only meta data, used when needed. No one will recording what we tell our spouses over cell phones when they are at Costco.
Ben Franklin’s admonition about the evils of security risking our liberty aside, Franklin did not leave in an era of social media, automatic rifles and C4.
Wesley Clark, the retired NATO commander,  has already suggested putting radicalized Muslim Americans into camps.
In fighting them, we must realize war has evolved. In this Fourth Generation the most important thing to do is win the war of morality.
If troops are sent in they must be prepared to endure higher risks instead of killing everything that moves.
We must seek to find out what is driving these people. ISIS would not have had such ease recruiting young people if economies had been so bad.
Corrupt state govenrments are responsible for much of this. But regime change needs to be limited to those at the top.
There must remain a government that can run a country so our troops do not have to do it. We will be hated the more we do, even if it is meant to help.

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