Saturday, November 28, 2015

Why no calls for punishment for abortion clinic killer? Free use with credit

As usual, police who intervened after a terrorist attack were praised. But there were no guarantees of punishment, not even from President Obama.
No airstrikes, or Seal attacks. In some ways, it is like ISIS, the believers are spread throughout society even more so than the Muslim terror group and cannot be hit with drones.
The president, governor of Colorado, mayor of Colorado Springs, and others focused on remembering a policeman killed when he got in the line of fire.
Was it because the target was a Planned Parenthood Center in Colorado Springs, and the terrorist could turn out to be an anti-abortion nut?
They apparently guessed right.
Two people in addition to the policeman were killed. One was an Iraq veteran, the second veteran killed on the streets of Colorado Springs in 30 days. The other was a woman who was accompanying a friend to the clinic. The friend was wounded.
There have been many previous attacks on clinic, most not fatal. However, now anyone going to a clinic will need to worry about being a target for America's ISIS.
The Washington Post reported the shooter, Robert Louis Dear, of North and South Carolina, told them he acted to make sure  “no more baby parts” were sold by the center operators.
Republican Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina have been trying to sell a story that Planned Parenthood killed live fetuses to harvest their body parts. This claim has been denied, and a video that allegedly showed it debunked, but the Internet keeps it alive.
The Post quoted a source as confirming the murders, two civilians and one policeman, were politically motivated.
In other words, while political talk focused on fears of an ISIS attack, a Christian jihadist killed again.
He was from the Carolinas. Will governors of blue states now bar men from red states from entering?
Do Republican presidential candidates approve of these killings. So far, only one has commented, grieving the deaths.
On the Internet the rightwing reaction has been to deny the attack targeted the abortion clinic, saying a nearby bank was the target.
The killer, they say, only entered the clinic when he couldn’t get in the bank.
There have been several threats against Planned Parenthood since the phony video story spread. Meanwhile, the Republican party has sought to stop its federal funding. Three percent is estimated to go to facilitating abortions, mostly for poor women.

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  1. Part of the problem with home grown terrorism of the Christian extremist variety is that those perpetrators are treated as mentally deranged, while those in ISIL or mimicking them are treated as real threats. When Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people in a bombing 1995 and others with tenuous links to Christianity have killed little school children en mass, and so many others terrorized innocents, yet the American public seems curiously untouched about controlling the extremists in the pulpits that preach hate and violence.