Saturday, May 24, 2014

Pre-massacre videos likely to be better after shooting with Hunger Games connection, mental health care improved

Now that Hollywood has gotten involved in the nation’s gun massacres the nation can expect an improvement in explanatory videos made by killers.
In the incident near Santa Barbara on Saturday, six people and the killer died. In many previous massacres videos were recorded by the shooters, all the way back to Columbine High School.
The killer’s father, Peter Rodger, a Hollywood movie director, announced in record speed that the 22-year-old was his son, Elliot Rodger. Peter Rodger, a Briton, was assistant director of “The Hunger Games.”
Elliot had a script, a 137-page manifesto that media obtained.
The senior Rodger's lawyer said his client would spend the rest of his life making sure Americans had decent care for mental illness.
“My clients’ mission in life will be to try and prevent any such tragedies from ever happening again. This country, this world needs to address mental illness and the ramifications from not recognizing these illnesses.
It also become clear from the start that Rodger had received mental health care not available to most Americans.
It was also clear that police had been warned, and cleared the younger Rodger of being a threat.
Police interviewed Elliot Rodger, finding him, a "perfectly polite, kind and wonderful human.”
It appeared Elliot Rodger had given enough warning of his plans to doctors just as the psychiatrist who treated the Aurora theater shooting killer had done her duty. She had even suggested he be arrested. He was not, and the death toll in Aurora was higher, 12 killed and 70 wounded.
 Not only did Rodger have the mental health problems being treated by psychologists and psychiatrists, he also had a record of posting hateful comments about women and blacks, the Southern Poverty Law Center, according to His comments were posted on a site with the URL
It wasn't clear what would be the tipping point to get someone like this arrested or committed.
 Law enforcement again congratulated itself on its quick response, preventing more deaths.
Investigators said the multiple guns and hundreds of rounds of ammo were all purchased legally, which the NRA likely will say shows that gun control laws do not work. Of course the guns were the usual suspects, including a Glock. The NRA also will point out that three died from stabbings.
The gun rights group, which has had perhaps the most successful lobbying record of any in the nation, also probably will try to obfuscate the questions by arguing over whether weapons were automatic or semi-automatic.
Some network news reporters said the video Elliot Rodger recorded in his BMW as cryptic. He said he would get “retribution” for all those who had wronged him and would “annihilate” anyone he encountered. To some it seemed fairly clear. He not only felt bullied but also was horny.
Video transcript

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