Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sex, drugs, rock n roll and late nights

Guess which one is not on a list of things that will make you more intelligent.
Sorry, Rolling Stones, it is rock 'n' roll. Hey, Mozart wrote "The Magic Flute," and all he had going for him was sex, late nights and some brandy.
There have been hints in recent years that this is true, but new research in England is the most convincing yet.
Esquire magazine reports that Oxford and Cambridge universities spend more on sex toys than their compatriots at lesser universities.
A 2010 study in Psychology Today found that people with higher IQs are more likely to use drugs than those with less intelligence.
The journal Psychology and Individual Differences found last year that those who go against conventional wisdom and stay up late are “more likely to acquire and espouse evolutionary novel values and preferences than less intelligent individuals." That often includes atheism.
"The correlation probably has something to do with the open-mindedness that comes with intelligence," says Annalisa Rose, 23, who works at Honey, a high-end sex shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. "I think that the ability to engage in an open sex life comes with the abilities of introspection and logical thought, and those require some level of intelligence … sexual mores are mostly made up anyway and intelligent people can rationalize past them," she told Esquire.
Psychology Today found that drugs, which have been around since antiquity, have always had negative effects smart people are prone to novel behavior. A study in the United Kingdom found that British children who were above average intelligence at the age of 16 are likely to use drugs than less intelligent people at the age of 42.
Night owls buck the trend, an indication that they are more likely to “espouse evolutional novel values and preferences than less intelligent individuals.”
This does not mean that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford should be re-elected. As far as is known he is too stoned to have sex.

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