Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why blame the West for everything, and absolve Russia and China

When it became apparent that Nigeria was unable to cope with a rag tag group of terrorists, many ordinary people and columnists blamed the West for not doing enough, and for ignoring the kidnappings of school girls until it trended on Twitter.
This year China will surpass the US as the world's leading economy, and Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear he had plenty of troops to spare and, apparently, money to spend.
The former KGB officer got glowing reviews for his ability to stir up groups in the Ukraine. Surely that prowess could be used to defeat a small group of terrorists, not nearly as tough to defeat as Putin has already done several times in Russian republics.
Why there are no Chinese soldiers heading to Nigeria? Beijing plays a huge role in the economies of Africa, which are becoming bigger and bigger markets for its goods.
Putin, who sent air, naval and ground forces anywhere the West has influence to provoke the countries nearby, appeared to make US President Barack Obama appear prescient when he said Russia is a regional power. Why didn't Russia send troops to Nigeria?
In fact, Nigeria had resisted seeking help. When it did realize the world was watching, Western powers were invited to send intelligence, law enforcement and military advisers.
It must be particularly galling for Obama, whose government is regularly savaged in the world media for standing toe-to-toe with terrorists like Boko Haram. It isn't possible to battle without casualties.
Innocent people die in such attacks, just as they die in terrorist bombings.
The treatment of the Nigerian girls in OpEdNews was typical. “Now, the world notices. Now, the world calls it an outrage. Now, it is not just an act of terrorism, it is a crime against all humanity. But where was the world then, three weeks ago, when the outrage occurred? … For the most part, major media, electronic and print, downplayed or ignored the kidnapping story and hyped the (Donald) Sterling fiasco,”OpEdNews said.
That raises the question of what is “the world?”
Clearly it is the West, and particularly the US.
And Western nations, including the US, France and Britain, have sent help. US first lady Michelle Obama pleaded for help for the girls, and asked the world to help make sure girls are not held back.
Whether the West will get much recognition for its efforts remains to be seen.

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