Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What would Noah say about climate change

Resistance to climate change refuses to die, mostly among fundamentalists and Republicans, and course those who fit both categories.
It makes sense to see what Noah, a prophet in Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism, would have to say.
Although he didn’t have access to power points and weather records for at least a century, not to mention satellite photos, Noah it is claimed in the Bible had lived almost 500 years when the flood hit.
Therefore he did not need to keep records to see the change
Though not a drop of rain had fallen Noah warned anyone who listened that a great flood would come. Only a small group of Godless troublemakers who wanted on board the Ark paid attention. Only eight people were on board when the boat and its animals began floating after 40 days and 40 nights of rain. That may not even be a record these days.
The other NOAA, based in Boulder, Colorado, also has warned of weather disasters that have already hit and that more are to come.
It reports global temperatures and sea levels have been rising for a century. Temperatures, especially in the US because it is easier to monitor one nation, have been rising.
Skeptics would ask if the glass is half full or half empty.
Climatologists say only a half of the freakish weather of 2012, including Hurricane Sandy and temperatures that would fry an egg on the sidewalk, were the result of climate change.
“The other half — including a record wet British summer and the U.S. drought last year — simply reflected the random freakiness of weather, researchers with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the British meteorological office concluded,
AP reported.

Of course it is not much consolation if you were killed or lost everything, or both, because of weather influenced by man or natural factors.
Hardly a month goes by that disturbing weather disasters are not recorded.
This month includes the worst flooding in the Balkans since record-keeping began 120 years ago.
This week a mudslide near the Grand Mesa of Colorado, billed as the world’s largest flattop mountain, covered eight square miles and three people. A mudslide two months ago in Washington state only covered one square mile, though it destroyed hundreds of homes and claimed at least 41 lives.
The mudslide near Collbran, Colorado,  hit  a largedly unpopulated area. Three farm workers are believed to have died.
Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey said the slide was so big “that it’s understatement to say it is massive.”
Both the Oso, Washington and Collbran slide followed heavy rain.

There is one thing that fundamentalists who disbelieve in anti-evolution and anti-climate change can accept.
As in the days of Noah, the world is full of evil, especially abortion, same-sex marriages, divorce, marijuana, evil, separation of church and state, and blasphemy, the list is long.

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  1. Oh, well done. I use NOAA's info frequently, but never until today thought of the ironic connection to our culture. With only an 8" rise in average sea level, it is predicted that over 41 million people will be displaced. I wonder if there will be an ark for them.