Friday, May 30, 2014

Ukraine has new export, dead Russians

The Ukraine has found a new export: the bodies of Chechnya volunteers and Russian soldiers killed by Kiev’s warplanes and helicopters.
Until the election that elected chocolate king “Petro Poroshenko” president last week, Ukrainians were the main victims of “little green men.”
Poroshenko immediately sent warplanes and combat helicopters to blast the Russians. The Russian rebels may have lost 100 or more fighters, while Kiev’s main loss was a downed helicopter with 12 men on board.
Vice News followed the dead Russians and Chechens as they were sent back to their homeland in red coffins.
Vice News reported the bodies were in coffins marked “200,” the Soviet Union’s military code for dead soldiers.
They bore the red, black and blue flag of the erstwhile Donetsk People’s Republic.
One person, using the Twitter name of East of Brussels, quoted a Ukrainian border guard as saying: “We don't need them to fertilize the land of Ukraine.”
Moscow won’t even admit the soldiers are there, though they hint there may be some volunteers. The “volunteers” have admitted their presence to many journalists.
To confront the stronger response of Kiev, Russia will have to begin using more powerful records, perhaps halting only at the use of its once favorite weapon, the tank.
Ria Novosti says Moscow has a new portable ground-to-air missile that can fired from a shoulder and is without equal. Expect to see them soon.
The dead soldiers won’t be able to see it, they will be greeted by a sign that says: “Heroic actions are immortal.”
The only signs of life are in the moribund Ukrainian economy.
The Stern Agee Investment Bank reports the decision of Putin’s “willingness to work with Ukraine’s new president, the European Union has halted the threatened third round of sanctions against Russia.”
Even in Moscow, where a media purge has made criticism of Putin treason, some bankers have publicly stated that the sanctions have driven the country closer to a recession.
Foreign investors are fleeing, as are any Russians who can get visas, especially Jews headed to Israel. It was once said that refugees are people who vote with their feet. And history shows the most talented people live, not the poor.
For those wondering how things went so bad for Putin so quickly, against a divided and weak enemy, then perhaps the question should be asked how weak was the Ukraine?
Moscow has put thousands of “writers” to work on the free wheeling Internet to spread an incomplete history of what happened in the Ukraine during World War 2.
Ukrainians by the millions had died under Stalin’s rule, and when the Nazis arrived they were briefly welcomed. Very soon it became obvious that Hitler was just another Stalin. Ukrainians joined the underground, and got some of the west combat and partisan training ever, fighting both Berlin and Moscow.
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