Saturday, May 2, 2015

Claim: Evangelical Christians may play role in police misconduct

Mikey Weinstein, a pit bull when it comes to keeping religion out of the military, says “Dominionist”
Christians likely are playing a role in police misconduct. They have a huge influence in police departments.
The founder of the Military Religion Freedom Foundation says that with the growing paramilitarization of police he has seen it personally with the failure to provide effective protection from violence against his family in Albuquerque, though most of his experiences with police have been positive.
He is labor intensive, getting virtually daily threats on his life, hate emails and his family has to use the same bodyguard service as Angelina Jolie. His home windows have been broken and rabbits and other animals who live nearby mutilated. Feces has been thrown at his home, tires slashed and the Swastikas remind him that he is Jewish, no matter how agnostic.
All because he has sought to keep religion out of his alma mater, the Air Force Academy, and the rest of the military.
Asked whether he thinks there are links between the police violence in Baltimore and the infiltration of Christian evangelists into the military, Weinstein says the trend is growing throughout the government.
“Yes, it is in police departments. It is enormous.”
It is important that it be stopped, just as his organization is trying to stop it in the military because if “people are allowed to drive 150 mph between Denver and Colorado Springs they will.” He had just driven up that road, and it is pretty hard to get a ticket. Too much traffic. Any patrolman pulling someone over is likely to be run over.
Weinstein says Christians who believe non-believers will burn in hell have many times more support in America than Hitler or Stalin did in their homelands, estimating it at 48 million.
One thing that has played into the hands of the proselytizers in the military is the end of the draft.
“It left a tremendous hole in the soul of the military,” said Weinstein during a visit to Denver’s Iliff School of Theology. Preachers from Red States flooded into the ranks like rabbits on steroids.
Perhaps the only way to control this is to remove chaplains from the ranks and give the job to civilians, and include atheists and agnostics.
Looking at the bigger picture, Weinstein says many of the evangelical Christians are afraid of what is going on in the country, fearful of change. “People don’t like change.”
Still, same-sex marriage is unstoppable, and could be legalized by the U.S. Supreme Court as early as next month.
For those who say it is banned in the Bible, Weinstein notes that the two books, Old and New testaments, say thousands of things, sometimes conflicting.
And the weed train is picking up speed.
In Colorado and three other states marijuana has been legalized and many more states allow medicinal marijuana.
“Look at a cloud in the sky. It is always moving … Fish in an aquarium can’t see the water,” the former Reagan lawyer said.

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  1. It always baffles me to hear people who call themselves Christians who spout hatred. They are no more Christian than the ISIL adherents are. Don't these hate mongers know that Jesus was a Palestinian Jew? There are many paths to the Mountain.